Jean van Wyk 


Jean is 28 years old and is a founding member and Director of ACA. 


Jean is a co-owner of ELOTSHOP.COM and he is also our IT support. Jean is fun and adventurous and nothing is too extreme or difficult for him to handle. If he can try it, he can do it. Jean is an outspoken child of God and stand for truth.

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Vicky van Wyk


Vicky Is 48 years old and is a Founding Member and also the Managing Director of ACA.


Vicky is full time in service of ACA and her whole hart is for the Children of Africa. The most diffucult task in her life was to return to South Africa after their rural living in Malawi. She Loves the people of Rural Africa and has a calling to be a Mother for Nations. Her Heart breaks for their suffering and her greatest task is to assist them in their daily living.

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Bianca van Wyk 


Bianca is 26 years old and is a founding member and Director of ACA. 


Bianca is a communication and equisition specialist in the Telecoms industry. She is also our Marketing Advisor. Bianca is a dedicated person who won't stop for anything. She will always give 120% to make sure something is a success.  Bianca Loves Jesus. She is a dedicated child of God and knows His plan for her life.

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 Nereze Giesenburg - Klerksdorp Area

Nereze Giessenburg is from Klerksdorp North West. She is our Volunteer Co-ordinator n that Region.


She is a 32-year-old mom and foundation phase teacher. She is sold out for Jesus and love to be His hands and feet in Africa.




Lizandri van Wyk

Lizandri is our youngest team (and family) member. 


She is currently in Gr11 and studies through Homeschooling. Lizandri is Sold out for Christ. At the age of 12, she went on her first outreach to Transkei. From there she was involved in missions in Zambia and Malawi. Lizandri loves the children of Africa. Photography is one of her passions. Lizandri will take care of a lot of our social media duties and she will make sure we always have beautifull photos.


Nico van Wyk


Nico Is 48 years old and is a Founding Member and also a Director of ACA.


Nico is a facility Manager in Cape Town. His heart lies in Africa. Nico is currently studying Missions and Theology. His heart and passion are to spread the Gospel to the people in Africa. To Show Gods Love and Care for those who need it most.